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Daniel Reiling

Mobile Developer

Hey there, I’m Daniel, a Senior at The University of Texas at Dallas. I am currently working toward my BS in Computer Science specializing in mobile development. I have been working as a mobile developer for the last 3 years, whether it be full time or contracting. I specialize in native mobile apps, but I do have experience building in cross platform environments such as React Native. Something interesting about me is that I also have a passion for developing augmented and virtual reality applications. Check out some of my work below and feel free to reach out to me at any time!

Work Experiences

The Univeristy of Texas at Dallas

Richardson, TX
Mobile Developer
May, 2018 - Present

Responsible for developing/maintaining native and web-based mobile applications for The University of Texas at Dallas utilized by thousands of students daily.

iOS (100% Swift), Android (40% Kotlin, 60% Java). All new Android features implemented in Kotlin.

Maintained apps through entire life-cycle including deployment to Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.

Developed UTD’s first voice enabled apps (e.g. Amazon Alexa Skills).

Developed UTD’s first wearable application on the Apple Watch for WatchOS 6


McKinney, TX
AR/VR Engineer, Intern
May, 2019 - Aug, 2019

Developed AR/VR applications on various platforms to support design, manufacturing, and collaboration.

Researched and designed best practices for manufacturing work instructions in AR.

Implemented skeletal tracking using depth-cameras to analyze ergonomic hazards in the factory.

Platforms supported included HoloLens, Vive/Oculus, Magic Leap, Realsense depth-camera.

The Univeristy of Texas at Dallas

Richardson, TX
Head CA/Staff Scheduler
2015 - May, 2018

In my previous role working in the computer labs for the university, I was a head computer lab assistant and also in charge of scheduling around 30 workers. The rest of my duties took place in a team setting in which we worked together to provide I.T. support to various students and answered any questions they may have.


BS Computer Science

The University of Texas at Dallas
2015 - 2019
Through the coursework provided at UTD, I have been able to advance my technical knowledge and apply these skills to various personal projects and research oppurtunities.

AS Computer Science

Collin College
2014 - 2015
At Collin College I was introduced to software engineering and computer science, which is where I found my passion for being able to build awesome new technologies and products.

Professional Expertise


Swift & Obj-C
Experience building iOS and WatchOS applications in Swift. Currently working on getting up to speed with SwiftUI.


Kotlin & Java
Experience building Android applications in Kotlin and Java. While a lot of the code bases I work in are mainly Java, I start every new feature or app in Kotlin. Currently working on integrating new Jetpack Components into existing codebases.

React Native

Node.JS & JavaScript
Experience building React Native applications in JavaScript and Node.js utilizing Expo's services. Currently working on switching to TypeScript rather than JavaScript.

Some Technical Skills

Swift 5 XCode 11 CocoaPods SwiftUI
Kotlin Java Android Studio 3 Gradle Maven
Node.JS JavaScript NPM/Yarn Expo
GIT Postman Sketch



Published iOS App

The Bubbling Brew

Unreal Engine Game Jam

Food FindAR

Hackathon iOS AR App


iOS Realtime Chat App


Android App

JCP Fitting Room

Hackathon sponser winner

AR Tabletop

Undergraduate Research

Daring Escape

Personal Project

Get in Touch

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I am currently seeking full time oppurtunities in native mobile development.

Feel free to contact me at Daniel.Reiling@gmail.com